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Schedule Service
Hours of operation

Service Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday:  8am - 4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday:  closed

Seattle (Main) Location
659 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98105

Newport (Bellevue) Location
3911 Lake Washington Blvd. SE
Bellevue, WA 98006

Schedule Service
20 hour - 1st Service... 
100 Hour - Annual Service... 
100 Hour, I/B - Annual Service... 
$391.60 plus parts 
$729.90 plus parts 
$578.75 plus parts

Valet Services
Haul Out, Round Trip @ Seattle Facility... 
Haul Out, Round Trip @ Newport Facilty (Price dependent on required lift)... 

Dockside Lake Washington Pickup or Delivery
Pick Up or Delivery @ Lake Sammamish
Boat Towing

$100.00 with forklift OR 
$8 per foot with travel lift
$256.00 per hour
With Scheduled Service... ... 
$356.00 plus parts

Winterizing & Recommission
Basic Winterize... 
Full Winterize with Scheduled Service, I/0... 

$391.60 plus parts 
$756.50 plus parts 
$578.50 plus parts
$291.86 plus parts

Prop Repair, starting at:
Inboard, Each Prop... 
Aluminum, Each Prop... 
Stainless Steel, Each Prop...

starting at $250
starting at $160, plus labor
starting at $290, plus labor
Dockside Services
Dockside/Mobile Service Fee...
Dockside Basic Winterize, plus parts...

The services below may be performed at your dock for the listed prices, plus the Dockside Fee:

  • Basic WInterization
  • Spring Recommission
  • Oil Change
  • Tune-up
  • Prop-Repair (Lift Required)

$551.60 (includes Dockside Service Fee

New Interstate Deep Cycle Installed...
starting at $193.50

Other Services
Oil, Filter, Fuel Filter, I/O, I/B, Each Engine & Oil...
O/D Service Only, Each Outdrive...
$267.00 plus parts
$464.59 plus parts
*Prices are subject to change.