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"It has been wonderful doing business with Seattle Boat Company" 
This e-mail is long overdue. I'm writing to let you know how wonderful it has been doing business with Seattle Boat Company. Last boating season my family became a FunShare customer and we were new to boating on our own. Jan did an amazing job of helping us through the on-boarding process, familiarizing us with the program and was great to work with throughout. Every person we came into contact with at FunShare including every single FunShare Captains was helpful, professional and patient. It was a great experience and said a lot about the customer service focus of Seattle Boat Company. 

We were on your docks on the 4th of July after a wonderful day of boating when the boat fire happened and I was blown away at the bravery of Cory, Tony and Spencer. I think it was Cory that ran to the forklift to pull the burning boat down in hopes of saving the other boats. Once again, it said a lot about the kind of people that you have working in your company. 

FunShare convinced me that my family loved boating and I decided to start looking for a boat of our own. I had many different manufacturers in scope at first but always loved the look of Cobalt boats. But honestly it was my experiences with Seattle Boat Company that pushed me to Cobalt over other options. I met Kenji for the first time at the Lake Union Boat show the year before and when I started serious boat shopping I reached out to him. He was patient, extremely knowledgeable and while he sells Cobalt he never bashed the other brands, something that I found common with your competitors. Even after the sale Kenji has been extremely helping with basic boater training and super responsive with my questions. 

I've done some work on the boat (some upgrades and some work because I came into the dock too hot once) and Greer has been fantastic to work with. He is very responsive, very knowledgable and makes me feel completely confident that my boat is being looked after by trustworthy professionals. His patience with my questions over e-mail is appreciated as well but in my defense they usually end up with the sale of some new accessory :) 

As a new Lake Union SkyLaunch client this season I've had the chance to interact more with Tony and he continues the trend of customer service focused people that I've met at Seattle Boat Company. He didn't just launch the boat yesterday. He took the time to walk me through the process, the particulars of my boat, removed the covers for me, helped my parents into the boat, jump started a weak battery, etc. When we returned in high winds he suggested that we use it as an opportunity to practice docking and took the time to dock a handful of times until I had it right. I was really impressed at how far out of his way he went to make everything a great experience. This is the type of font-line customer service position that isn't always looked at with a customer service lens but clearly that isn't the case with Tony or Seattle Boat Company. 

I'll wrap up this long e-mail by saying congratulations on building a great company that clearly knows how to deliver customer service and delight clients. It's not easy to do and I'm sure it didn't happen by accident. I look forward to doing more business over the years and you can be sure that I will be a good reference for Cobalt and Seattle Boat Company to anyone willing to listen. Please pass along my thanks to your team as appropriate.

Jeff Jones - Seattle, WA
"Excellent Customer Service" 
I am sending this email to offer my sincere thanks to Trevor Campbell and his service team.

On Saturday, September 1st, I brought my month old 2007 Malibu wakeboard boat to your dealership as it would not engage into gear. The local Malibu dealer was closed for the long weekend and Malibu's customer service line was closed as well. The owner of Lake Union Vessel Assist who had towed me the night before suggested that I visit your dealership to see if you could help me. I had visitors from out of town who had come specifically to enjoy a long weekend of boating in the sun and it looked like our plans were ruined. Trevor and his team took a look at my boat and quickly determined that the problem was with a throttle cable harness. The harness was defective and as a result, the cable had come loose. This was why we could not engage forward or reverse gears. Trevor pushed the cable back into the harness and we fastened it with a plastic strap. We were able to launch my boat and enjoyed a superb long weekend on the water. Excellent customer service stories such as this often go untold so I wanted to bring this to your attention. In fact, I believe in great customer service to such an extent that my next boat will most certainly be a Cobalt and it will be purchased from Seattle Boat Company.

Thomas Kincer - Redmond, WA
"I didn't expect the negotiation to be so respectful"  
Roderick, Thank you for putting together the deal last week. I didn't expect the negotiation to be so respectful. I thought it would be like a car dealer but it was like a real estate deal with reasonable back and forth and no high pressure. Very refreshing! I appreciate your kindness and professionalism and I look forward to sharing my experience with friends and colleagues.

Eric Smith - Seattle, WA 
"Never experienced such first class service..." 
In today's society it seems like all people do is complain. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to do the opposite.

I have never experienced such first class service as I did yesterday ever. Kenji and Trevor were wonderful, and treated me as if I was a customer buying one of your multi million dollar yachts. They were helpful, friendly and honest. You don't get to meet people like this everyday, and deserve a big pat on the back. Even from the guy who dropped us in the water to the mechanic provided top notch service. Kenji and Trevor deserve a big Christmas bonus this year! I will never buy another boat from anywhere else, and I will be sure to pass on Kenji's card to all my firends in the market for boats.

Thanks and a job well done!

Neal Van Beers - Canada
"A Company that Truly Values Its Customers"
  It is very difficult to find a company that truly values it's customers.  It is even more difficult to find a staff within a company that feels the same way.  Seattle Boat is by far one of the best companies we have ever done business with and we have passed the word on to many of friends.

Kevin, Jennifer, Emily & Ryan Fountain - Seattle, WA 
"Great People"
  Keep doing what your doing with service & sales & great people to work with.

Gary W. Gavin  - Wenatchee, WA
"Refreshing Experience"
  Need not change a thing. Everything was great. James Baker was absolutely magnificent.  I'm very happy. I felt James was actually Trying to help me. This was very refreshing.

Eric Bryant Washington - Seattle, WA 
"Impressive Dealer"
  We've thoroughly enjoyed our Cobalt this summer. I was very impressed with the dealer. They were very helpful, extremely knowledgeable. We are very satisfied.

Rick Grindley - Woodinville, WA
"Bellevue Staff"
  Michael & staff exceeded all expectations! Tremendous experience!

William Lawler - Mercer Island, WA
"Small Business Owner"
  I have received the best customer service from both Cobalt and Seattle Boat Co. As a small business owner I strive to emulate the example of service set forth by Cobalt & Seattle Boat Co.

Jeff McKnown - West Linn, OR
"Experience Excellence"
Very happy Cobalt owner. Seattle Boat Company is excellent!!!!!

Lorne Richmond - Seattle, WA
"The Right Decision"
  I looked at every boat in its class.  I judged the Cobalt to be the best.  Everything that has happened since I made that decision has demonstrated to me that I made the right decision.  Very nice boat, very professional dealership!

Frank Martin - Lake Forest Park,  WA
"2003 Island Rendezvous"
  James - great weekend - great event.  Thanks for arranging it.  We learned bunches and enjoyed meeting fellow Cobalt & Formula enthusiasts.

Warren & Gail Dent - Camano Island, WA 
"2003 Roche Harbor Rendezvous"
  James - Thank you again for the great time in Roche Harbor. We all had a wonderful time! The whale watching was spectacular and I really enjoyed the Formula's performance in the water.  Well done!

Eric & Leslie Ringstad - Snohomish,  WA 
"Customer Focused"
  I am a Sales Executive and have experienced a lot of transactions. Ron Thomas is one of the best customer service, customer focused managers I have ever worked with!

Susan Habernigg - Kirkland, WA
"Summer Satisfied" 
The boat [240 Cobalt] made our summer!

Jeff Wilke - Mercer Island, WA
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